Customers will notice quickly enough if the number is incorrect. Consider, for example, a product of which 3 pieces are still in stock, but the Peru Phone Number List customer can order more. Or that the number of pieces not adjust after purchase. Many customers revisit the product page after purchase. Do consumers have the option to leave their details with a sold-out product?

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Then you can also better estimate how much more needs to be order. In addition, you can determine together with the SEA team which products are disappointing in sales, so that you can devise a strategy for this together. And don’t forget the impact on customer service.

Peru Phone Number List
Peru Phone Number List

As soon as you provide a (potential) customer with as much information as possible upfront. The chance that the customer will contact you is much smaller. By showing your stock information on all communication, you will also see an increase. In the number of conversions and you prevent turnover from leaking.

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