For example, determine whether the information should be discarded or archived, requires immediate action, belongs on your to-do list or needs to be delegated. 5. Organize mini scrums The reason why many projects are left behind is that many Australia Phone Number List ambitions are not translated into tasks. You can make projects manageable with a mini scrum.

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During such a scrum, determine which actions are required, what is required to complete those actions, the order in which these actions must be performed, and who is responsible for what. Maintain a schedule, set deadlines, and check progress regularly. That’s how you tackle a headache file. 6. Find a BALL during the meeting Meetings, the perfect excuse not to work.

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Australia Phone Number List

Always keep a BAL on the table during meetings. BAL stands for Decision Action List. In other words, what will be decided? And what actions will result from this meeting? This makes the cause and output of a meeting a lot more concrete. Other useful tips: Do you find yourself in a meeting where you have no business? Then just leave it. And make sure you have some working time after a meeting so that you can immediately jot down action points. 7.

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