Workers (CUTH), the impacts of Cuba Email List these policies on labor and union rights have been devastating for the vast majority of the population. “There has been a growing deregulation of labor, coupled with the deepening of labor flexibilization and insecurity. One of the most Cuba Email List nefarious laws has undoubtedly been the Hourly Employment Law: rights have been lost and permanent jobs have been made precarious,” said Almendros. “There were also companies or institutions that simply changed their name or corporate name and did away with unions. Others created parallel unions to counteract a genuine organizing process,” he added. Regression All of these anti-worker measures have Cuba Email List negatively impacted the safeguarding of rights.

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“There are clear setbacks in the Cuba Email List right to free unionization and collective bargaining. The programs to generate employment have been a mockery, tailored to the interests of large transnationals. Juan Orlando Hernández has definitely been a disaster for the labor Cuba Email List and union sector”, stated the CUTH general secretary. Another factor contributing to the deepening of the crisis has been the behavior of the government’s labor authorities. “Shielding themselves behind the need to generate employment and supposed development, they have been Cuba Email List biased and have systematically protected the interests of big national and transnational capital.


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They have done so at the expense of the Cuba Email List rights of workers, abandoning them and allowing the violation of their rights. They have not protected them, and have been their executioners instead,” he lamented. In view of this situation, the CUTH presented the Libre candidate with the political proposal of the union sector where, among other points, it calls for the immediate repeal of the above Cuba Email List mentioned laws, to put a stop to outsourcing and labor insecurity, and to guarantee respect for the Teachers’ Statute and the ILO conventions[1]. The cancer of corruption On November 17, the feature film “At the edge of the shadows” (you can see it here) was released in a movie theater in Cuba Email List Tegucigalpa, a documentary that reflects the web of corruption, impunity.

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