When expanding into new markets, companies must take the time to understand their core message. It will ensure that the company’s values are communicated effectively to new audiences. Without a clear understanding of its core message, a company risks delivering an incoherent or inauthentic message that fails to connect with potential customers.

Remember: Translating your message into other languages will only be successful if you start with a strong foundation.

Study Your Target

When developing any content marketing strategy, the first step is thorough market research. Consider their age, gender, location, education level, and income. These are the basics. But if it’s a multilingual content marketing strategy, you should not fail to analyze their values, customs, and beliefs. All of these factors greatly influence the way they respond.

It’s also necessary to understand the local market where your tar

et audience is located. It includes understanding the local R&D Directors Email Lists language, customs, and culture. Only then can you develop content that truly resonates with your local audience.

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Audience and Their Locality

When you’re creating content for an international market, it’s important to recognize that there are cultural differences between countries. You must understand these cultural nuances and genuinely respect them. The last thing you want is to offend your target markets which may end up demanding an apology and boycotting your product.

Hofstede’s dimensions of cultural difference include power distance (the extent to which people defer to authority figures), individualism vs. collectivism (whether people see themselves as primarily part of a group or as individuals), and uncertainty avoidance (how comfortable people are with ambiguity and change).

Understanding these cultural differences can help your business tailor content relevant and acceptable to your international audience.

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