Trademark? And not unimportant: the trademark owner must also use his own trademark as such, and not as a generic name. How? For example, don’t put an article in front of it and don’t make it a verb. When it comes to a new type of product, come up with a generic name that will be used in the context of the brand. Ranja has been making a comeback as a brand for a few years now. In this way, the trademark owner hopes that a generic name will once again become an exclusive brand name.

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Tackle trademark infringement A distinctive brand must remain distinctive. Is your brand not so much used as a generic name, but frequently used by competitors as a brand for similar products or services? Even then it can become a common name and the Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List trademark owner must act, because  there is a danger that the trademark loses its distinctive character, or “waters down” due to frequent use by others. Then it has become a common name. In that case, too, the trademark right may lapse.

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So take an active stance towards infringers. 3. Use the trademark for the protected goods and services A trademark must be applied for for specific goods and services. In order not to lose the trademark rights, the trademark must actually be used for those goods and services, in any case within the foreseeable future. Protected for the first 5 years anyway In the first 5 years of trademark registration, the trademark is in any case protected for all designated goods and services, regardless.

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