Custom of chrysler to make their commercials videos with soft music. Which motivates self-improvement and the South Korea Phone Number achievement of goals. (including buying one of their cars). This is why without going too far from their success script, they have launched. Their most recent campaign for the new model of the jeep renegade. A compact 4 × 4 truck launched in 2014.The particularity offered by this new spot is that it. Is directly aimed at millennials. They try to do it by using the song ” renegades ” by the group x ambassadors. This was achieved thanks to the brand’s alliance with. The renowned label inter scope records. In the video you can also see activities that are directly. Related to South Korea Phone Number this generation and a letter. That alludes to “Pioneers” or “Rebellion.”

When Jeep Made the Request to Inter Scope the Group Was

The companion of advertising. When jeep made the South Korea Phone Number request to inter scope. The group was already recording the song. Are you looking for a job too? On you tube it has not made much noise. Since at the South Korea Phone Number List time of finishing this note it had just. Over 29,000 reproductions. It should be noted that it is a campaign aimed at this segment. Of the population in the united states. Although the car is planned to be sold in more than 100 countries. No regionalized commercial has yet appeared.

What Makes You Think That This Will Be Your Global Sales

South Korea Phone Number List

Strategy. For this year’s super bowl they already made a first video of the vehicle. Entitled “beautiful lands”, with the South Korea Phone Number famous american folk song. “this land is your land”. However, it focused more on the scenery and. The truck’s performance than on the potential drivers. But with 12 million views, it has proven to South Korea Phone Number be more successful than the previous one.

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