Is there any specific technique to create a Trending Topic (TT) on Twitter? What are the best strategies to follow? Can I do it despite not having many followers? These are just some of the questions that digital professionals can ask themselves when working in digital and social networks. On Twitter, when the most repeated hashtags, words or phrases at a certain moment become one of the most relevant topics, they are displayed on the platform’s home page. It is an effective way of learning about trends, either globally or in a personalized way, since you can select the locality or region where you want to learn about the topics with the highest response rate, even depending on the users that the user follows. own user.
Naming a topic of great interest can be ideal to appear on the main page of Twitter and improve the knowledge that you have about a certain topic. Although most of the trends are adjusted to events that happen at the moment, it tells us that the most popular topic, or one of the most popular, can start to generate conversation and response from users.

Although They Are Now Part of the Platforms, They Are More

Effective on Twitter. According to data from Socialbakers. The more hashtags used on Facebook. The less engagement will result while. Using just one hashtag seems to be. Better than using none at all. On the other hand, interactions on Twitter increase when brands launch tweets with three to Uk Business Fax List five hashtags. Linchpinseo indicates that a TT has an average lifespan of 11 minutes, in addition to the fact that the use of hashtags generates an engagement of up to 55 percent. However, like everything on the digital path, before acting, a strategy is required behind it to position a phrase or word in question, even one person can do it.

If You’re Thinking of Creating a Trending Topic, According

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To Hootsuite, here’s what you need to know. What is the best time to create a Trending Topic? Only those hashtags that have a. Considerable number of mentions in minutes. Either as a tweet or RT, become a trend. Approximately 1,200 tweets and 500 users are needed to become a trending topic. The ideal number of characters to use in the hashtag should be between 10 and 21; past 21 may not become a trend. The best time to do it depends a lot on the network movement of the media in each country.

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