It is mandatory. And you only have one moment per year to switch. I’m talking, of course, about your health insurance. With health insurers, it’s all about that one moment. How do you build an annual plan and strategy? What do you do next to that moment? In this HelloMasters Podcast you will learn about the marketing of Zilveren Kruis.

In this Resembles The Part Time

Netherlands, Zilveren Kruis, insures 4.8 million Dutch people. They are part of Achmea and they not only insure healthcare, but are increasingly active in health. Who leads Jamaica WhatsApp Number List marketing at Zilveren Kruis? Meet Roel van der Heijden. The Senior Manager Brand & Marketing of Zilveren Kruis. He has been working in the insurance industry for 13 years.

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In this Resembles The Part Time

He leads a team of more than 70 people. Do they only pop in Q3 and Q4 for that one switch moment? Certainly not. They are always present at Zilveren Kruis. As a service, they are also there for you in addition to the switch moment. In the podcast, Roel talks about all kinds of services that his team is developing. They build tech for vitality programs and keep entrepreneurs healthy.

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