Under the notion that the military and Spain Email Lists sailors are not prey to corruption and that their logistics are more efficient than that of civilians, this transfer of functions occurs. Although the civil organization of the State was sclerotized by corruption and inefficiency over decades, what would be expected would be its reconfiguration and Spain Email Lists strengthening through new logistical and administrative guidelines and trust controls. However, it is a long-term exercise that cannot be carried out in the short term and is conspicuous by its absence. The lack of Spain Email Lists police in multiple Mexican municipalities is a sample button of this trend. Given this, it is worth asking the following:

Travelling With Figure Skates

What will happen when there are no more Spain Email Lists resources and functions to transfer to military organizations? How will that overflowing military power that manages to accumulate with these multiple functions be dismantled, which, by their very nature, are not within its Spain Email Lists competence? Will this increased military power be able to impose its designs and conceptions on the civil sphere in the medium term? In the strategy of militarization of public security, one loses sight of the fact that the army and navy can be – they are in several territories – prey to spirals of corruption Spain Email Lists after exercising control over territories and in their interaction with criminal companies.


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These security forces spread throughout the Spain Email Lists country, how are they controlled from the civil sphere of the State? In addition, with around a dozen criminal companies and 400 armed cells in the country, there is a fragmentation and dispersal of crime and violence. These Spain Email Lists organizations are part of transnational zed networks of macro-criminality endowed with banking / business structures, political / judicial structures and properly criminal structures that extend their influence beyond national borders and that escape the control of the State as they form Spain Email Lists part of global processes. of capital accumulation.

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