Trend of change and progressive winds. This is how the Indonesia Phone Number List neoliberal wave or the so-called “conservative winter” that between 2015 and 2019, took place in Latin America and which led to a decline in the fight against poverty, with the increase Indonesia Phone Number List of 20 million poor people and the increase in inequality, unlike what happened in the so-called “progressive wave” that between 2002 and 2014 significantly reduced regional poverty, from 47% to 28%, that is, 66 million were no longer poor. 2022, the upcoming elections. The first elections scheduled for 2022 are the presidential elections in Colombia (in March) and Brazil (in October), with strong candidates Indonesia Phone Number List from the Left:

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Petro and Lula, respectively, who Indonesia Phone Number List begin to increase their electorate. Luis Ignacio Lula Da Silva continues to lead the vote with a 17.1% advantage over his main rival Jair Bolsonaro who has a 62% disapproval to date. These electoral processes will define a new electoral map for the region as a whole, tipping the balance to the left, all in a context of economic, social, health and Indonesia Phone Number List political crisis. After the triumphs of AMLO in Mexico, Fernández in Argentina, Arce in Bolivia, Castillo in Peru, Xiomara in Honduras and Boric in Chile, a path of hopeful change opens up in the region, given the great possibility that they will be elected Indonesia Phone Number List soon Petro in Colombia and Lula in Brazil.


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The recovery of oil exports in 2022, either Indonesia Phone Number List due to the increase in oil production and / or the increase in international oil prices, could be reflected in an increase in national production, if and only if they are fulfilled by at least two conditions. First, that the Indonesia Phone Number List foreign exchange that comes from the sale of hydrocarbons is really taxed on national production and is used to import raw materials, supplies and technology required in internal production processes instead of going to tax havens, which is why, It is necessary to establish a Indonesia Phone Number List strict control of the administration of these currencies by the national government and the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV).

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