This shift to the left (always moderate) coinciding with the rise Mexico Phone Number List of the Chinese economy, which became the main buyer of Latin American raw materials, and the peak of oil prices, with which these countries saw a moment of prosperity, their Governments were Mexico Phone Number List able to distribute national income a little more equitably. None of them was clearly a socialist revolution with expropriation of the means of production, real agrarian reform, popular power with base assemblies and armed self-defense militias; none of them, strictly speaking, twisted capitalism’s arm. Cuba only, with a socialist approach that came from years ago, maintained its course (is that why Mexico Phone Number List today is the only .

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Third World country that can Mexico Phone Number List produce its own anti-Covid vaccines?). But, in any case, the historically forgotten ones of all those countries (the “ black heads ” of Argentina, the “ favelados ” of Brazil, the “ cholos ” of Bolivia, the “ earthrúos ” of Venezuela) saw an improvement in their situation. Then came a wave of ultra-right restoration (Jair Bolsonaro, Mauricio Macri, Sebastián Piñera, Iván Duque, the betrayal of Lenín Moreno, the Mexico Phone Number List interim of Jeanine Áñez). It should be clear, however, that even with openly neoliberal and submissive to the dictates of Washington or administrations more social democratic governments, sometimes Mexico Phone Number List with an anti – imperialist rhetoric (Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua, for example,


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” Look at what I do, not what i say”, Once Mexico Phone Number List expressed the Argentine Néstor Kirchner before Spanish businessmen), the populations always continued subjugated, to a greater or lesser extent, because the capitalist system continued in force, beyond certain decompression valves. External debts with the large international banks continued to be paid on time, and labor relations – as the quote Mexico Phone Number List below will show – continued as neoliberal as ever. It is thus clear that socialism does not consist of a “good vibes” president, a charismatic leader who “benefits” the poor, always within the framework of representative, parliamentary democracy, within the limits of that “market Mexico Phone Number List democracy” mentioned above.

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