Petro has managed to unleash a process Canada Phone Number List of agglutination and articulation of various social and political forces that, separated and isolated, could not confront the power of some dominant castes that use “all forms of struggle” to maintain their hegemony. The PH strategy is quite different from what was done until 4 years ago and that many people still have in their heads and hearts. Petro brings Canada Phone Number List people together around his ideas, his history as a fighter and leader of change, but at the same time, he tries to interpret and enhance the diversity of a country as complex as Colombia. The Historical Pact promotes and develops three (3) complex processes of “meeting ” that are: a) The “de facto” and “non-formal” Canada Phone Number List meeting of social movements and people without a party.

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b) The “formal” coalition of specific and Canada Phone Number List varied political sectors; and c) The pact between historical opposites (dynamic and conflictive) as a way to reconcile society and move forward. In the social sphere, there is a confluence of indigenous peoples, black communities, peasant sectors, urban workers and “middle classes.” All of them expressed themselves in different ways in the Canada Phone Number List recent social outbreak. The agrarian producers and the “precariat” are close but still undecided and must be won over with viable proposals (“no dreams”). In the electoral political sphere, political aspects are being brought together that – once the issue of “little peace” (disarmament and demobilization of Canada Phone Number List the Farc) has been overcome – are finding programmatic points of common action.


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They are: the left, the greens and the Canada Phone Number List liberals. The left are focused on consolidating peace and democratizing the land; the greens are excited about the change in the energy matrix; and the most independent liberals take up the proposal for the industrialization of our raw materials and political reform. The encounter between “historical opposites” generates some friction and ongoing Canada Phone Number List debates [1] . So far the PH strategy has yielded important results. Petro has made the policy of alliances more flexible , but has maintained and perfected the program and the proposals for change. His proposal for the “reconciliation of historical opposites” has come as a surprise to many sectors, even Canada Phone Number List within the left, but at the same time,

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