which they hoped to be able to implement from the Kuwait Phone Number List terror, isolation and self-absorption caused by Covid-19, is lost and not only in U.S. So, what other measure is left for globalist interests to be able to impose their Economic Reset , when they cannot advance by Kuwait Phone Number List solving the barrier imposed on them by oligarchic Continentalisms and Localism in each nation: the United States, Great Britain, etc. Are they preparing to trigger a major stock market crash, which globalist forces have postponed to date? This new global financial crisis to impose a globalist financial war Kuwait Phone Number List scenario, will have margins to be able to impose.

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It when the international scene shows Kuwait Phone Number List multipolar-pluractional-Pluriversal acutorsion the OEEA-SCO with margins of maneuver that allow them so far to neutralize any scenario of global destabilization promoted by the financial unipolar forces, eg: the lightning exit of NATO from Afghanistan or the provocation of NATO in Kiev against Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. We will see it soon, but one thing is Kuwait Phone Number List for sure, the multipolar project continues to consolidate its positions and circumvent the scenarios of military war that NATO poses at different times, situations and regions. Although NATO is and shows signs of being in a situation of technical-military weakness.


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The return of the Middle Kingdom Kuwait Phone Number List We are in the middle of a transition of a civilizing nature , a transition from a Unipolar world to a Multipolar one . The Multipolar Project, as a strategic initiative of the 21st century, is not only dominant in all the nations of the Eurasian continental land mass. There is also a clear and defined trend for initiatives to be part of other nations such as Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, etc. and Kuwait Phone Number List regions such as CELAC, etc., advance clearly. Like for Africa. Thus forming a dialogue of Pluriversal, pluractional and multipolar civilizations. We believe that multipolar China in the BRICS, with the project of the New Silk Road, makes it possible to reverse the logic of value-capital.

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