On a path that never ends and will Norway Phone Number List always have its challenges. As we have already observed, this is not a preconceived system but a project that will continue to be open to new needs, which are born and emerge over time from the people / humanity community. It is a project that is proposed without the exclusion Norway Phone Number List of any people or nation and, therefore, pluriversal, pluricultural and plurinational, but with dilemmas always to be solved. In truth, we consider that, according to the dialectic of history, the unity of these two Norway Phone Number List opposites is required: the western line and the eastern path of history.

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This will be possible to achieve starting from the multipolar Norway Phone Number List Eastern Way (pre-Columbian Africa-Asia-America) and not following the Western line (globalist), which suffers its civilizing crisis and is leading to fascist authoritarianisms . To achieve the synthesis, the Multipolar Project would need to promote greater well-being and personal freedom at the level of the Peoples on the eastern road . The Norway Phone Number List struggle for a multipolar-pluractional-Pluriversal world constitutes the plausible way to achieve this transition. Today the multipolar project is beginning to be shared concretely by the majority of the peoples and nations of the world and does not exclude any, including the American and British people.


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At the globalist Forum on Climate Norway Phone Number List Change (COP26), the defeat of the globalist project was overwhelming, only 46 out of a total of 191 countries committed to its final resolution (phase out the use of coal) according to Alok Sharma, who chaired the conference . A huge majority of countries voted for the proposal of the leaders of the Multipolar project (China, India, etc.) which Norway Phone Number List demonstrated a capacity for revolutionary convocation: Peoples of all nations, unite!The history of colonialism is difficult to write. History is highly political because it is always written by the victors and the voice of the vanquished is muffled. More than five hundred years after the “discovery” of America by Christopher Columbus and the conquest of the Aztec capital of Norway Phone Number List Tenochtitlan.

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