From the results of climate Algeria Phone Number List simulations and models it is possible to obtain certain lessons. Among the most important is, regardless of the institutional, governmental, social and productive efforts made to reduce the level of Algeria Phone Number List greenhouse effect emissions, the optimistic scenarios in the short, medium and long term point towards substantial changes in climatic conditions. In other words, even a favorable change in production and consumption practices, the consequences of climate change on the ecological system are Algeria Phone Number List inevitable, irreversible and will continue to worsen.

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It is the work of the different scientific Algeria Phone Number List disciplines to provide solutions to avoid going through fatalistic scenarios of high polluting emissions. From economics, as an integral discipline of the social sciences, the traditional approach to analyze the effects of production, trade and exchange on ecosystems is neoclassical economics. From this school of thought, whose epistemological Algeria Phone Number List foundation rests on the ideas of eighteenth-century mechanical physics, the core of analysis assumes a closed, static and balanced economic system where there is no exchange of energy or matter with the environment. In this way, in economic terms, all energy from workers and Algeria Phone Number List machines is converted entirely into merchandise.


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canceling out the possibility of waste. Another implication of the Algeria Phone Number List dominant theory is the micro and macro economic perspective of the process. Indeed, assuming that companies seek to maximize their profit, they make use of two added inputs: capital and labor. In such a way that, within the elements of production, both factors are combined thanks to current technology without Algeria Phone Number List the need to make explicit the energy flows required to produce goods. As a result, the dominant scheme indicates that it is enough to implement innovative methods in production technologies to increase production without ever emphasizing the availability of environmental factors. In this way, the traditional Algeria Phone Number List economy lives on the idea.

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