Since the coordinated release of the emergency Romania Phone Number List reserves –SPR- in March-September 2011 and the so-called “Libyan or Gaddafi uprising” with the “concurrent assassination of Muammar Gaddafi” in October 2011 by NATO, they had not been “spent ”Both of the storage caverns in a single week. In addition, it is also clear that the “use” of SPR –Strategic Petroleum Reserve- , of which so much is Romania Phone Number List talked about, is taking place stealthily. But there is something else, despite releasing strategic oil reserves for 10 weeks in a row, gasoline prices at the pump in the US have risen more than 7%. Therefore, the use of strategic reserves is not intended for the North American domestic market. Perhaps they are being destined to present and future consumption Romania Phone Number List of NATO?

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As in 2011. It is even important to Romania Phone Number List note that the US and Biden have decided to stop confronting fossil fuel companies. But, although the increase in voices and dialogues is increasing, the concrete thing is that the international oil price has been rising since November 2020 in an accelerated way and without interruptions, although Romania Phone Number List from October-November 2021 it has accelerated in the same way as He did it this February-March 2021. Putin and Biden, Marco meeting and shadow play It was confirmed that Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden would have what is advertised as a “long” conversation (via video). Taking into account the “ extreme tensions” that are taking Romania Phone Number List place between the United States, NATO, the EU and Russia-SCO.

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This event is again defined as a watershed moment. Let’s see what Romania Phone Number List the two sides have been doing: the US has raised “tensions” as high as possible, both with a flood of bellicose statements and through participation in exercises.of “petty harassment” near the Russian border. The main (and only) advantage of this pre-negotiation strategy is that it costs very little money and has a significant inward PR effect. The two main disadvantages of this pre-negotiation strategy are 1) they tend to corner, limit margins, Biden, so that any kind Romania Phone Number List of concession, no matter how reasonable, can be presented as a “surrender to the malevolent Putin ”, which would weaken him mainly in the United States with the Republicans led by Texas-Florida; and 2) in the Russia-OCS they know that all this saber rattling is just “smoke” and, well read, a sign of weakness.

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