Vaccines do not constitute any ‘lifesavers’ against Covid-19 either since the total Ivory Coast Phone Number List accumulated number of deaths related to the Covid-19 disease in 2021 and reported as of November 22 in the US (with more than one month ahead), exceeded the figure Ivory Coast Phone Number List of 386,500 cases, a figure above the 385,300 deaths observed in 2020 . This has happened despite the fact that no Americans were vaccinated in 2020, against 59% of all Americans vaccinated in 2021. So, we ask ourselves: why can’t people have the right to choose whether to allow Ivory Coast Phone Number List themselves to be vaccinated? or not to let a vaccine “enter” your body?

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The only thing we know reliably is that the globalist Ivory Coast Phone Number List elite needs and is determined to impose its ´Economic Reset´: to impose an order of power consistent with its unipolar globalist financial interests. This Economic-Reset is no longer only raised in relation to the North American, UK, EU, etc. Unipolar Continentalisms. But also and mainly to the Multinational Pluriversal Multipolarism of the Ivory Coast Phone Number List Peoples. For this, he wants and needs to promote mass obedience in order to be able to impose the Global New Reset. The Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines would not have been approved if governments had required six months between doses instead of two, due to the severe Ivory Coast Phone Number List decrease in the effectiveness of the vaccine over the months.


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The foregoing concludes epidemiologist Ivory Coast Phone Number List Dr. Paul Elias Alexander, who was a consultant advisor on the evidence of the COVID pandemic to the WHO and PAHO in Washington, DC (2020) and former senior adviser on the policy of the COVID pandemic in health and Human Services (HHS) in Washington, DC, who published an article for the Brownstone Institute listing 130 research studies on Ivory Coast Phone Number List natural immunity to COVID. The doctor points out that: “ Public health officials and the establishment doctors are misleading the public with claims that COVID-19 injections provide greater protection than natural immunity.

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