Which he directly threatens his opponents, by the government of Quintana Roo. Moreover, in action that was taken by Internet users, as reckless and which has generated a polarized conversation on networks. However, between comments you can read different positions like the one exposed by. LOVREGA, which points out that: “Look .Dante Delgado, here you have Roberto Palazuelos. Moreover, our candidate for governor. In like mannert, hreatening his critics with settling scores if he wins the election. What the hell were you thinking. We all know that this gentleman has nothing of a politician, nor the ability to become one with an acceptable level of decency and competence. Really, poor country.
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Jumped into the public conversation within the different digital platforms. Especially within the social network Twitter. Because in this, a greater number of. The fortune of  have been generated. Not only because of the inopportune moment lived during the interview within a  program , but also because the scandalous moment in which an alleged statement about Belgium Phone Number food recycling was released within the luxury hotels belonging to the Mexican businessman. Accused of recycling food in his hotel chain The situation of criticism towards the Mexican businessman was unleashed due to threatening statements to his opponents; However, within networks the past scandal was recalled, in which the luxury hotel chain that he owns was pointed out,

Roberto Palazuelos Badeaux

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Belgium Phone Number List

Within the tourist area of ​​Tulum Palazuelos has at least three hotels which are: Hotel Ahau, Diamante K, Casa Agape. While in Acapulco it has a space available for rent called Mansión Acapulco.

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