Almost as if predicting that han solo. A star wars story would not beat deadpool 2. At the box office, ryan reynolds continues. To promote his film and now. Insists on being part of the mcu as he. Asks james gunn himself for a crossover with. Guardians of the galaxy. Since the first film of marvel’s. Favorite antihero reynolds has positioned. Himself as the best ambassador for deadpool. His publications and frequent interactions with. Both fans and with brands and personalities. In the film industry prove it. And, since before the premiere and now with. Just over a week on the billboard. With deadpool 2, 20th century fox and himself. Know that they should not stop marketing. For the production that now has to compete. With a film from the star wars universe. Deadpool 2 has had a good return to the billboards. And although it has not exceeded expectations.

Place It as the Most Viewed These Days. Even Preventing Han

Solo: A Star Wars Story from unseating it last weekend (barely 88 million at the box office). In fact, this Sunday served for Ryan Reynolds to take advantage of James Gunn’s tweet, director of Guardians of the Galaxy to Taiwan Whatsapp Number Marketing Lists thank him for his criticism and, incidentally, ask him if he would not like to do a crossover. The director of one of the funniest sagas and that has received the best reviews in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU, for its acronym in English) posted on Twitter that he was finally able to go see Deadpool 2 expressing that he loved it and that he had fun a lot.

And, as Was His Custom, Ryan Reynolds Did Not Hesitate to

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Respond to such good reviews for his film. And insist again on being part. Of the MCU because he asks Gunn: A crossover? What is interesting is Gunn’s response who said: Yes, please. Of course, this definitely does not mean. That the directors of marvel and disney. Decide to make a crossover between. Deadpool and guardians of the galaxy. (although it would be very interesting) but. It is an excellent idea to keep deadpool. (and the guardians) in the mind and. Conversation of the fans.

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