In this regard, left-wing political Panama Email List parties must leave behind the idea of ​​leading social movements. We must move forward in a unitary manner in sharing flags and lines of action, agreed in collective directions and with democratic decisions. We are challenged to overcome the historical tendency to think about revolutionary change based more on the revolutionary party than on the class. The Panama Email List common adversary, in this fight in defense of humanity, is the North American empire that desperately seeks to recover its hegemonic position by modifying the trends of globalization and international rules, because the current ones not only do not serve it, but are progressively Panama Email List leading to a terminal crisis.

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That is why democracy is only valid for the Panama Email List empire when its results are favorable to it. Otherwise, it prefers coups of all kinds, interventionist and destabilizing actions and extraterritorial economic sanctions. It is for these same reasons that the hegemonic sectors of our countries once again become national replicas of US policy, accomplices of its violations of international law and instruments of its Panama Email List undemocratic intervention. The imperial decline, led at this time by Biden and the Democrats, is expressed with greater force in Latin America, which has become a retreat zone for its geopolitical interests, and suggests a sharpening of its interference. We believe that the most dissociative global Panama Email List trends will be strongly expressed in Latin America.


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The contradictions are going to be exacerbated in Panama Email List our countries by the narrow margin of recovery of the neoliberal model within its norms. In its urgent need for survival, neoliberalism, understood, more than as an economic proposal, as a project of domination, transcends its own legal borders, lies, transgresses rights, violates agreements and resorts to blackmail and the use of force in a reissue Panama Email List of “the politics of the big stick”. Although at present concepts such as “dialectic” are usually understood as obscene, the situation in our continent exactly qualifies as dialectic. On the one hand, there are all the attempts by governments that want to overcome the pandemic crisis, seeking that the cost is paid by the workers and the middle classes, and that predatory capitalism and its beneficiaries do not Panama Email List have to be affected in their interests.

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