Do not forget what was said by the Netherlands Phone Number List former Secretary of State of the United States, Mike Pompeo: “South America can confuse us uncontrollably if we do not always have a military leader at hand, and in the case of Chile, this demands a leader of the Netherlands Phone Number List solidarity quality of General Augusto Pinochet ”. Progressive governments: yes, a little, not more than necessary. If they cross the line, there are the mechanisms to “straighten out” the course. Now there is an alternation between the extreme neoliberal Netherlands Phone Number List right and the moderate left.

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Every election won by a not-so-troglodyte Netherlands Phone Number List candidate (Manuel López Obrador in Mexico, Pedro Castillo in Peru, Xiomara Castro in Honduras) feels like a popular, almost revolutionary left-wing victory. When today we think of social advance, we refer to these governments with a popular character; but of socialist revolution , of communism, it seems that only the memory Netherlands Phone Number List remains. Undoubtedly, in the ideological struggle, the right wing is winning by far. The Cold War was definitely won by capitalism; its ideology is the one that prevails today. The fact that a government that emerged from the polls speaking a “progressive” language Netherlands Phone Number List can feel like “revolutionary”


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shows that the proposals of the left, socialist, revolutionary – which can never Netherlands Phone Number List be given via elections within the framework of capitalist institutions! !, which can only succeed by surpassing the bourgeois state – they are conspicuous by their absence. It also shows that the popular camp is still terribly subdued, stunned, stunned. That is why he can vote for his executioners, as so often Netherlands Phone Number List happens. Hence, a tepid Social Democratic victory can be felt as a great popular step. The experience later shows that it is not such, because the capitalist model is not overcome, and those experiences can end in coups d’état, with armies that act for the ruling class. Examples in this Netherlands Phone Number List regard are superfluous:

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