While the ruling classes encourage and Brazil Phone Number List support the “Centro Esperanza” through the media, in parallel, they build the true alternative that can defeat Petrol. For now they call it “Team for Colombia” or “Coalition of Experience”, made up of the former mayor of Bogotá Enrique Penalize, the former mayor of Medellin Federico Gutiérrez, the former mayor of Barranquilla Alex Char, the former Brazil Phone Number List governor of Valle del Cauca Delian Francisca Toro, former Finance Minister Juan Carlos Echeveria and former Senator David Bargiel. This “gang” not only attacks Petro in the same way, calling him a subversive, Castro-Chavist, ex-guerrilla, demagogue and populist, but also tries to Brazil Phone Number List discredit his time as Mayor of Bogotá.

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The essence of this “grouping” of local or Brazil Phone Number List regional ex-presidents is totally clientelist and corrupt. They built their political profile from the hand of big capital, they are neoliberals to die, they are not interested in the least in people and their strength is based on the support of the big “cacaos” and the buying of votes. The most optioned is Char. In addition, two other candidates who are not Brazil Phone Number List going to consult will be playing. One is the candidate of the Democratic Center, Oscar Iván Zuleika, and the other is the independent candidate, Rodolfo Hernández, former mayor of Bucaramanga. The first is Uribe’s apparent record and he will most likely remain outside the coalitions in order to Brazil Phone Number List obtain a parliamentary bench with which to negotiate.


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The second, his main proposal is Brazil Phone Number List anti-corruption, he is honest, but he does not represent a danger to the “system”. As has already been seen in his first speeches, everyone has Petro in their sights. After the first round and if no candidate achieves more than 50% of the votes, everyone will call to vote for the “defense of the institutions”, “all against Petro.” The strategy of the Historical Pact The Brazil Phone Number List political process known as the Historical Pact (PH) in Colombia – promoted and led by Gustavo Petro – is part of the Latin American processes of change. It seems to be a sui generis experiment because this country is emerging from a very long and complex armed conflict. However, it is part of the recent progressive processes in Latin America, although due to a series of circumstances accumulated over time, it can Brazil Phone Number List experiment and specify new paths and contributions.

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