In this way companies try to gain a position in them. Google being a kind of object of desire in which they. Want to stand out currently seo strategies. And give priority to google data indicates that it. Has 79 percent of all traffic generated by searches. Even this engine is essential even to seek employment. Optimization the first terms that jump out and get the most. Attention are keywords or site speed companies. And their efforts on the internet should consider an. Excellent seo strategy to reduce other types of costs. Effective strategy according to google user content. These are the specific factors that all text focused on seo must. Have keyword for seo positioning, their importance will be. Greater the closer to the beginning they are. Title and in the first paragraph.

Without Being Forced Since Naturalness Is Essential

Introduction to make a good introduction focused. Introduce the keyword and not extend too much. Introducing a keyword in the first paragraph, which works as an introduction and does not exceed 4 sentences can help. Use of bold to stand out The texts on the Internet. Must be attractive to the France B2b List eye and highlight. The key ideas by means of bold whether they. Are words or phrases it will get more. Users to stay and read the entire post. Meta description the meta description. Engines with a description of the content of the page.

Which Will Be Displayed in Search Results Keyword Density the

France B2B List

Density of the keyword is the percentage of occurrence of the keyword. It is measured by dividing the total. Number of occurrences of the word by the. Total number of words in the text. Google the theme of our post. Positioning in search engines like Google. You have to ensure that between 3 and 6 percent of the. Text are variations of the keyword.

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