It allows itself to be subjected and Dominican Republic Phone Number List manipulated for fear of going out and facing the mechanisms of domination, such as the foreign debt that generates more hunger, poverty and social inequality. Fear paralyzes and from fear of cowardice there is only one step. You have to choose, there is no other. Either we toss around more than dog to lie down and bite our tail or we take on the challenge of social, Dominican Republic Phone Number List cultural, economic and political changes. It is urgent to suspend payments and investigate where the millions of dollars from the IMF went, which banks received the money, in which it was invested, if they went to the financial cycle.

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That information is in the Dominican Republic Phone Number List Central Bank, which reported last year that the loan was used for capital flight, but failed to publish the names of the people and companies responsible. We know that the government initiated criminal action for embezzlement and fraudulent administration; the looting of the country cannot go unpunished. In Congress, as in the Executive and the Judiciary, they have to wake up Dominican Republic Phone Number List and start to assume the party of Hope. Common sense, the least common of the senses, tells us that if the banks received the money, it is their responsibility to pay it and not charge the debt to the people. Nor can the IMF’s complicity in the scam go unpunished.


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Deep down they know those who helped the Dominican Republic Phone Number List people’s wealth escape; to arrange with them to collect and for us, reparations for the crime committed. The economy must be cleaned up. We live the speculative and extractive economy, not the productive one. The voracity of the scavenger, banking and extractivist vultures has no end and they must be confronted. The government Dominican Republic Phone Number List must publish the list of banks, individuals and companies that escaped the IMF loan. You must agree with the Fund that those who benefited pay the scam; It is not a public debt because the people, the public, were never consulted or benefited. Failure to do so is falling into the pit of Fear.

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