In a general international Ghana Phone Number List framework where the Strategic Initiative has already passed and is in the “hands” of the Nations that promote the deployment of the Multipolar Plurinational strategy. This shows us that the so-called “developing countries” around the world stand up and refuse to reduce the consumption of fossil Ghana Phone Number List fuels, because they know that they have no alternative today, if their objective is to develop their economies, nations and give their peoples social and political inclusion, a greater capacity to consume economic and cultural goods and services, and a better life. But it is also clear that the transnational-financial-global actors can no Ghana Phone Number List longer impose their conditions to produce globally.

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according to the dispersed local-national order that Ghana Phone Number List they “need”, according to a criterion of maximizing the global transnational profit rate. Gas prices in the EU, NS2 and the closure of the Belarusian oil pipeline European prices for natural gas continue to rise after that is “observed” delays in the pipeline Nord Stream 2 to the end of November and also now a major pipeline of oil from Ghana Phone Number List Russia to Europe has “temporarily stopped” flows because ” unscheduled repairs. ” Export giant Transneft wrote: “Unscheduled repairs were started on one of the branches of the Druzhba pipeline, limiting flow towards Poland for about three days.” T he operator of the Belarusian section said maintenance began on November 16.


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Having restricted the pumping [of crude] to Adamowa Zastawa [in Poland] Ghana Phone Number List provisionally for three days, but the plan for the month is not revised, “said Transneft. Druzhba is one of the largest pipeline networks in the world. Its network is divided in two and pumps crude to a northern section, Poland and Germany, and a part to the southern section, Ukraine to Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary. The Ghana Phone Number List unscheduled repairs come days after Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko threatened to cut off Russia’s transit gas supply to Europe due to a “migration crisis” on the Belarusian-Polish border. This is in addition to the now delayed approval process for the Ghana Phone Number List Nord Stream 2 pipeline .

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