We highlight the achievements made by French Polynesia Email List Cuba in the development of three vaccines that have proven to be highly effective and two vaccine candidates that will contribute to increasing the region’s response capacity in the face of the pandemic. We recognize the French Polynesia Email List humanistic and altruistic work carried out by the Henry Reeve medical contingent and its contribution to the confrontation of COVID-19 in various nations. We congratulate the work of the Alliance in the establishment of a humanitarian airlift through the CONVIASA airline, which has French Polynesia Email List facilitated the transfer of vaccines, medical personnel, among others, to help in the fight against the pandemic.

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We welcome the work of the ALBA Bank, in the French Polynesia Email List development of a bank of vaccines, treatments and medical supplies, which has been implemented for the benefit of the ALBA population. We welcome the entry of Granada in June 2021, to this financial entity French Polynesia Email List whose objective is to consolidate the full sovereignty and financial and economic independence of the Alliance countries. We reaffirm our full support for the Caribbean countries in their claim for compensation for the genocide of the native population and the horrors of French Polynesia Email List slavery and the transatlantic trade. We ratify the right of the Caribbean countries to receive fair, special and differential treatment.


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The Caribbean will always find in the ALBA-TCP a French Polynesia Email List platform for cooperation and complementarity for the defense and promotion of its just claims and reparations. We strongly reject the measures adopted against the sister Caribbean countries, considering them French Polynesia Email List non-cooperative jurisdictions. We urge you to review the graduation criteria that qualify them as “middle-income countries,” which hinders their access to credit and international cooperation. We support the government of the Pluractional State of Bolivia, headed by President Luis Alberto Arce Caracara, democratically elected by popular vote with 55.1%, and we call on the international community to be alert to French Polynesia Email List destabilization attempts.

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