Wen a pretty lady in a beautiful dress comes in for a job interview. We think she does a better job than the less charismatic woman after her wearing her regular attire. We judge positively about the appearance of the lady and so we subconsciously think that she will also be good at her job. Or in this case, the media judged Maurice de Hond based on his past, which they probably generally perceived as positive.

Believable Security and The Taxes

He was a welcome guest and understood polls and elections. Due to the Halo effect, the media was quicker to give in when he wanted to talk about this murder case. They probably didn’t have too Belgium WhatsApp Number List many critical questions about his expertise in homicide, police work, lawsuits, or murder investigations. Horn-effect The opposite effect is also noticeable in our brain, admits Bas Haan.

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Against Security and The Taxes

Initially, he could go along with the accusations against the handyman. Only later did he repent and change his mind. The handyman is apparently a somewhat strange appearance. That doesn’t work in his favor, making it easier to subconsciously suspect him of the crime. This is the Horn effect . We tend to judge people negatively, based on one aspect. This is how you prevent the Halo effect It is clear that these two effects can cause a lot.

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