The concept of search engine optimization, better known as SEO, has turned out to be one of the best tools for brands and marketers when we consider data such as Search Engine Journal, which indicates that between 70 and 80 percent of Internet users ignore paid ads and 75 percent never go beyond the first page to search for results. The goal to be achieved by all brands and their competitors is organic positioning within search results on Yahoo, Bing or Google, mainly. And this, although it is relatively old, is still in force, but on the other hand. What is constantly changing is the way in which SEO is developed. Contemporary experts are betting more and more on quality content rather than on keywords, and for this reason.


You should pay attention to some errors so as not to fall into them.

Here are 3 of the biggest SEO mistakes:
1. Think that it is better to have more links : Quality must prevail over quantity today. The bet on websites should be on content. That can be used for different purposes which. In turn will generate more links over time. 2. Consider Keywords as the usa phone number list most important : Although it is essential to have keywords in the content, today after algorithm adjustments in search engines such as Google, efforts should be directed to improving the user experience, exact matches with keywords have given way to relevant and high-quality content as guesses are now made about words or phrases that might have a similar meaning to be filtered out of the results later.

3. Abusing the content on the main page:

There are few cases in which a main page loaded with content is observed and it is not recommended at all. SEO professionals must ensure that this page puts the visitor in context, answering questions such as who is he? What does he do? Where is he? What is the value proposition? overwhelm the visitor. These errors and their timely identification are the beginning of the most significant changes that a web page can implement to stay ahead and obtain better results when it comes to SEO management.

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