The first official image of the dc movie was “Leaked”. And now fans use it to interact with zachary levi. (shazam!) and there are already winning. Brands: corona subway coca-cola and imax for example. Although justice league did not have the desired results. The success of wonder woman makes. Dc and warner bros not give up on consolidating. The dc extended universe in the cinema and shazam! Could be a pleasant surprise. Despite the fact that dc released the official logo. And many leaks little is known so far about the film directed. By david s. Sandberg and starring. Asher angel (billy batson) and zachary levi (shazam!) but. Since production they are already beginning to give signs. That marketing could be key for this. Project to connect with the public. On tuesday, for example levi himself posted through. His instagram profile a first look at the character. In the first official image of shazam! And. It has been received very positively by critics.

The Reason It Is That in the Image That We Will Surely See

As a poster is that we see a Shazam! funny since he is drinking some kind of cola, which has already been the Italy B2b List subject of a lot of interaction between fans and Levi himself. In social networks, fans have turned the glass into a Subway soft drink, a Corona beer (like the ones they sell at concerts and stadiums), put some tickets for an IMAX room on it, it has even been mentioned that they might like tepache. David F. Sandberg himself, director of the film, has joined the jokes by posting on his Twitter account an image of Justice League, the one in which Batman and Superman face each other.

With a Curious Change: Shazam Appears! In the Background

Italy B2b List

Enjoying a drink, the same glass that appears in the official image. It is clear that humor will be a key element in the marketing for the film that will hit theaters in 2019, and it is obvious to think of Deadpool when we see a touch of humor in actions of this type. The truth is that they will not be as irreverent and transgressive as those of the Marvel antihero, but surely Warner Bros and DC will allow themselves to play with some sarcasm with this film.

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