You can play around with the location by choosing a VPN server in another country. Curious how a German user finds the path from the search engine to your website and what he finds there? A VPN can help you. Also read: How cryptocurrency is quietly reshaping the internet Marketing research Linked to the above, VPN technology is very useful for doing research in new markets.

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Let’s take the German example. Do you also want to offer your product or service to your eastern neighbours? Then it is useful to know what a German user sees when he sets up an online search. This will give you a much better idea of ​​the New Zealand WhatsApp Number List market than if you were to do this research from your own location. Competitive Research As a marketer you keep a close eye on the competition.

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Which products do they promote, which blog posts do they add, how do they approach the market? Is your IP address suspiciously available on a website? Then your competitor can just decide to block your connection, and it is more difficult to follow him closely. A VPN circumvents these restrictions with ease. Access to a free internet Many digital professionals work remotely, but even if you are in the office, there is the possibility that you sometimes work while traveling.

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