Slack generates 150 million dollars annually, through 1.5 million users who are paying a premium membership. WhatsApp, Facebook, iMessage and Telegram are some of the platforms that have reported failures worldwide, impacting millions of users. Now it is Slack that is leading. The trends in social networks worldwide for presenting a fall. That they indicate they are trying to correct. On their official Twitter account, they apologize and follow up on the complaints of millions of users who require the messaging service.

However, Unlike Social Platforms, It Can Be Seen In The

Reactions of users that the need for its service goes beyond connecting to costa rica email list chat or that type of function, since the platform represents the communication channel of an infinity of of companies that have been forced to create WhatsApp groups or other networks to share professional information.

It Is An Instant Messaging Software That Is Now Used By More

Than 5 million people. Now it generates 150 million dollars annually. Through 1.5 million users who are paying subscription. That is, they have a premium membership.

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