In 2015 worldwide according to mic data international. It is estimated that the volume of smart tv will reach 88 million units. In 2015 approximately 41.2 percent will be lcd items worldwide. According to mic data related notes: do you have a samsung smart tv? Be careful what you say the tv could be spying on. You young people monopolize the preference index for smart tvs mexicans. Spend more time in front of the smartphone than in front. Of the tv today smart televisions are a fundamental part of brand. Marketing strategies as more and more consumers are in favor. Of receiving information about products through these devices. This trend is marking new behaviors for e-commerce such as t-commerce. In this case; according to a study carried out by the consulting firm nielsen. It indicates that 6 out of 10 millennial consumers are favorable with. Direct information about products on their television.

What Opens the Way to New Advertising Opportunities Such as

Enhanced ads, improved contextual ads, which many brands have begun to use, since the level of identification they present is greater than that of traditional media. Millennials and the so-called Z generation are digital natives, so brands design their strategies focused on this specific target, since the El Salvador B2b List digital revolution has led young people to lose interest in consuming pay television, since they have the enough knowledge to access any video on the Internet for free. Every day more and better apps are created for this type of device.

Which Leads Them to Enrich Their Designs and Speed in Terms

El Salvador B2b List

Of connection; That is why markets around the world are presenting increases in Smart TV consumption; in China for example, there will be an increase of 60 percent, followed by Western Europe with 40 percent and finally the United States with 30 percent. The rest of the countries with emerging economies will not have a high impact due to their network infrastructure, data reported by the same MIC study.

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