Since Snapchat went public in New York , its numbers have not been good. From the second day of trading, way back in March 2017, until now (October), its shares are down 50 percent, and its investors are rightly concerned. There are some explanations, in addition to dealing with an increasingly complex scenario in the digital world, it has to endure fragrant copies of its most successful performances by the giant Facebook. Yet while near-monopoly power groups like Facebook and Google, which together control the most popular social networks and most of the mobile ad market and have acknowledged selling ad space to groups spreading fake stories, Snapchat has remained free from that.


“There Are Signs of Russian Activity on Almost Every American

Social network of any kind, including Twitter , Reddit. However, “on Snapchat, no evidence of political takeovers has been found. In fact, Snapchat seems to Buy Hong Kong Whatsapp Numbers
have no fake news at all,” he adds. That’s right, as Max Chafkin says in this Bloomberg article , “while Facebook deliberately ‘blurs’ the line between personal status updates, news articles and ads, algorithm-driven news in the Snapchat feed takes a more outdated”. The app’s news section, Discover, is limited to professionally edited content, including dozens of channels maintained by long-standing and prestigious outlets like the Wall Street Journal , Daily Mail, The Economist and People.

For Example, Snapchat, Like Facebook and Youtube, Has in

Its content videos shot on cell phones by ordinary people. Often times, those videos become newsworthy, and when that happens, Snapchat includes them in Stories. But there is a subtle-huge contrast. Unlike the user-created videos on Facebook. And YouTube newsfeeds those on Snapchat. Are vetted before they can reach a large. Audience by reporters and producers who fact check and analyze the stories with lawyers, like a traditional broadcast team. The company is betting that trustworthy content will be more involved for viewers and advertisers,” says Bloomberg.

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