The snapchat app continues to look for ways. To be profitable and attract more users and. Although nothing has been empowering in recent. Months it does not stop presenting new updates. Now the ephemeral messages application has a. New function that allows users to restrict or. Request the location between contacts in. Real time either to one or several friends at the same. Time and vice versa. According to a report by. Techcrunch this feature known as send and. Request is based on snap map, but adds a new way to. Share the location between friends directly. One more attempt to reactivate the growth. Of snapchat the ephemeral message app registers. Around 255 million users and revenues of 825 million. Dollars (2017), but it has not managed to. Grow in user base as investors wish. According to the media.

Snapchat Has Already Confirmed That the Function Has Been

Released for both iOS and Android users over the last few weeks, so it is safe that many have already noticed it and others will do so in the next app update. The Australia Business Fax List change is curious, just last February the company led by Evan Spiegel uploaded a web version of Snap Map and made it publicly accessible.

So on the One Hand You Want Everyone to Be Found but at the

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Same time give users control to decide to whom and at what time they are visible. This would be functional for both users and brands, since in this way they will be able to carry out actions and share events in an even more exclusive way, respecting the nature of the app, since they will be temporary.

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