For Lewis, almost all defense witnesses – including Micronesia Email List those who described the barbarous American prison system from the depth of their experience and knowledge – had to be interrupted, mistreated, discredited. Sitting behind him, passing him notes, was his American Micronesia Email List conductor: young, short-haired, clearly a rising Ivy League man. In his nine-minute dismissal of the fate of journalist Assange, two of Britain’s most veteran Justices, including Chief Justice Lord Burnett (longtime partner of Sir Alan Duncan, Boris’s former Foreign Minister Johnson who organized the brutal police kidnapping of Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy) did not refer to a single one of the long list Micronesia Email List of truths aired in previous hearings in the District Court.

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Truths that had fought to be heard in a Micronesia Email List lower court presided over by an oddly hostile judge, Vanessa Barrister. His insulting behavior towards a clearly affected Assange, struggling to glimpse his own name amid the mist of prison-supplied medication, is unforgettable. What was really shocking during this December 10th was that the High Court justices – Lord Burnett and Lord Justice Timothy Holroyd, who read his words – showed no hesitation in Micronesia Email List sending Julian to his death, alive or not. They offered no mitigation, no sign of being tormented by some basic legal or moral criteria. Its ruling in favor, while not on behalf of the United States, is based directly on Micronesia Email List transparently fraudulent “guarantees”, put together by the Biden administration.


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When it seemed that justice could prevail in Micronesia Email List January. These “guarantees” mean that, once in US custody, Assange will not be subjected to the Orwellian SAMS (Special Administrative Measures), which would make him an unidentified person; that he will not be incarcerated in ADX Florence, a Colorado prison long Micronesia Email List condemned by jurists and human rights groups as illegal: “a well of punishment and disappearance”; that he can be transferred to an Australian prison to finish his sentence there. The absurdity lies in what the judges failed to say. By offering its “guarantees”, the United States reserves the right not to guarantee anything in case Micronesia Email List Assange does something that displeases his jailers.

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