The sport also emphasizes that change is easier when you do something you enjoy. Because in addition to reducing effort, your brain prefers activities that provide pleasure. This is where gamification is ideally suited. A great Pakistan Phone Number List example is Toyota’s ‘Glass of Water’ case (see the video below). With an app on the mobile phone, drivers can try to keep the water neat in the glass.

Deploying Gamification while driving

Here you can see how a major behavioral change (driving more economically) has been reduced to a small, manageable task (keep the water in the glass), which you repeat with every ride and which is fun to do. In addition, you get immediate feedback, you see your progress and you learn through reward, meaning, and repetition.

Pakistan Phone Number List
Pakistan Phone Number List

Goal Deploying Gamification

Learning knowledge & skills Everyone has a natural urge to learn. In fact, we learn new things every day. It only becomes difficult if the reward for our (learning) efforts lies in the future (such as with a study). Or if the goal to be achieved does not match our own goals (as can be the case with company training). Mechanics in games offer a solution here.

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