The ideas are not new, but Nepal Email List politicians need citing examples, short sentences, and simple images. The grand theory is called Trickle-down theory(Drip theory) and the image is illustrated with a bottle of Champagne filling the glasses that are higher than the pyramid of glasses. The problem with the allegory is that it Nepal Email List assumes that the crystal in the goblets does not grow or stretch unlimitedly like the ability of those above to accumulate what never trickles down to those below. The image also does not consider a similar figure that Nepal Email List does not exist in English and that no translator can solve, but in Spanish it is called “La ley del Gallinari”.

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What drips is not wealth, but Nepal Email List shit from the chickens above. This novel ideology already existed at the end of the 19th century. In the midst of the great recession of the 1990s and the spread of US imperialism over the sea, the representative for Nebraska and candidate for the presidency, William Jennings Bryan, at the Democratic convention of July 9, 1896 in Chicago, put it in no uncertain terms: “There are those who believe that if we legislate to Nepal Email Listmake the rich richer, their wealth will trickle down to those at the bottom. Our idea as democrats is that, if we legislate so that the masses are more prosperous, their prosperity will rise to all the social classes Nepal Email List that are above ”.


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Bryan accused the legislators of Nepal Email List being lawyers for the business-men ”and, according to the Chicago Tribune the following day, the attendance applauded his words in a massive and continuous way “like never before … for 25 minutes”. Bryan lost the elections to McKinley in 1896 and 1900, the first two elections where millionaire Nepal Email List donations from large corporations decided the results despite the greatest economic crisis since the founding of the country. In 1964, the professor and ideologist Milton Friedman had visited one of the many Latin American dictatorships supported by Washington, Brazil, and had proposed the same plan of privatization and Nepal Email List dismantling of the state.

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