Nintendo has been active for a couple of years now. With the releases of Pokemon GO. Super Mario Run, and its Switch console. It recently presented the results of its third quarter. Becoming one of the most downloaded applications. Along with WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Which usually have between 65 and 70 million downloads. monthly downloads. Among Nintendo’s results. 2 million NES consoles sold stood out, although it should be remembered that the company had to promise a re-launch.

Because those retail stores had pre-sold were sold out,

In addition to the fact that its biggest buyers were users between 10 and 19 years old. As for Switch consoles, the Buy Armenia WhatsApp Marketing Number Lists company lowered its estimates, which were above 20 million units this 2017, to 14 million. Regarding the downloads of Super Mario Run, Nintendo did not reveal its earnings, but media such as Bloomberg revealed since its launch that 10 to 15 percent of users paid for the app, which was $ 9.99. Meanwhile, 90 percent of the downloads came from abroad and only 10 percent from Japan.


Specifically, only 20 million users would have paid for

The premium version of Super Mario Run, which is why Nintendo ended up accepting the launch of the application was “a great lesson” due to its low profits. However, Nintendo confirmed that it will continue to launch more video games for applications on Android and iOS, but with a different format, which encourages the rise in its earnings or improves its way of monetizing.

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