A couple of days ago the singer belinda was the center. Of conversations on social networks after she made public. Her support for the presidential candidate. Andrés manuel lópez obrador the standard-bearer. Of the coalition together we will make history. Indicated:I thank belinda very much for. Her support she is an extraordinary artist a very good singer, a very intelligent woman and I thank her very much for her solidaritythe reality of the banker. At the same time, he highlighted the large number. Of followers that belinda adds to her social networks. While she stated “Then that support is visible. After that social networks were invaded by a rumor. That the singer lost 2 million followers on the. 280-character social network minutes after. Showing her support however today she denied the. Information noting that on the contrary. Her followers increased this coincides. With other publications that cite socialblade as. A source detailing that the singer gained. 15 thousand followers for her publication.

Why Is the Number of Followers So Important? Its Relevance

Lies first, in that it is related to AMLO as a positive influencer that generates a growth of followers on social networks for those who join Belinda’s action. Second with conventional advertising on radio. And television declining brands are opting for the. Influencer marketing format, in such a way that. The Latvia B2b List industry will be worth 10 billion dollars by. 2020 and instagram will be the leading platform. And that it is reviewed daily by 400 million people. Specifically for instagram an influencer charges. A thousand dollars for every 10,000 followers. Of the brand that is the rate is set in this way. And then the engagement rate.

The Duration of the Campaign and the Client’s Budget Are

Latvia B2b List

Negotiated however some brands may start out by paying $250 per Instagram post for people or brands with less than 50,000 followers, and then influencers would charge an extra $1,000 for every 100,000 followers. On the other hand, for celebrities, the cost per post can be up to 250 thousand dollars. In other words, followers mean a guarantee of reach for brands, which is equivalent to a high economic value for influencers.

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