That is why it is not surprising that any Taiwan Email Lists Cuban person not only trusts their national pharmaceutical companies, but feels proud of them. Distrust in science Real science and pseudoscience are often used to advertise all kinds of things here in Europe: food supplements, perfect diapers, hair growth products, supersonic Taiwan Email Lists mobiles … As a result science has lost much of its status for many people. Frequent large-scale research scams (think diesel gate ) make people even more suspicious . In addition, many people leave secondary or higher education without being able to understand the statistics or their representation in the articles. “There are as many vaccinated Taiwan Email Lists as unvaccinated people in the hospital, right?”

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All this explains why large groups of Taiwan Email Lists people are attracted to dark theories or, at least, want to take them seriously because they think that “they” are trying to make us believe something. That “they” want to force us to comply with a series of things: COVID passport, vaccines, etc. “They” is, then, an amalgamation of politicians, experts and the media. And in Cuba? In Cuba, people face professional advertising only very sporadically. Science reaches people Taiwan Email Lists through high-quality education and non-commercial media. Even before the first infection, all Cubans were explained on television what COVID-19 is, how the pandemic developed around the world, what Taiwan Email Lists can be done about it and, consequently, what measures were to be taken.


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The Cuban population knows that its Taiwan Email Lists scientists work for the common good of their country. The population sees this almost every year, for example, in the preventive evacuations of the towns and cities that are on the hurricane routes, drawn up by the best meteorologists in the world. He saw how HIV was quickly contained with a strong commitment to prevention, how dengue and Zika (1) are treated scientifically, efficiently and transparently, resulting Taiwan Email Lists in a minimal number of victims. 4. Distrust in solidarity Effective management of the pandemic presupposes solidarity. The majority of the population, who personally have little to fear from the disease, must Taiwan Email Lists sympathize with minorities of (very) elderly and physically weak people.

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