You don’t always have to use video, but you can also animate a part in your creative. As a result, it grabs more attention than a static image, but you don’t have to produce an Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number entire video. Platforms often prefer a video (including a creative with a moving element), because  Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number  this usually ensures that the user stays on the platform longer.

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Trigger your target audience with personalized ads Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number You can mainly attract attention through personalized advertisements. There are several tools and programs you can work with to get this done. The examples below are from the social media management platform Hunch , but these solutions are also possible through other management platforms, such as Smartly . Dynamic Product  Ads (DPA) are anything but boring  Social advertising: DPA example before and after DPA example before and after.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number

Owned by Hunch Ads One of the first things we tackle with Hunch is the creatives for DPA campaigns. Normally, a DPA campaign looks very boring and doesn’t grab the customer’s attention. But in this case, it’s anything but boring. By using the client’s corporate identity, we ensure that the advertisements look much more striking and attractive. You probably have a marketing campaign that generates a lot of leads. However, some may contribute very little to your overall user acquisition. Other analytics tools allow you to specify different channels from Vietnam WhatsApp Number List which to extract data. You’ll have a separate dataset for each step from adding to cart to measuring LTV. By analyzing this data, you can make informed decisions about which advertising channels you should focus.

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