In Mexico, currently the series that consumers of streaming series pay attention to every Sunday is Luis Miguel, La Serie. Every week it appears in trend on social networks, its popularity is undeniable. This Sunday added a marketing lesson for industry professionals, with the inclusion of Tello. The character integrates various elements that guarantee a connection with the viewers. He is poor, he seeks to progress for his family, he is humble, loyal, he helps the protagonist… in short, that is why when something sad happened to him and he still acted like a hero, he gave an important boost this week to Luis Miguel, La Serie, just after in the fifth chapter the users of social networks expressed their disappointment with the content of this.

Some Social Media Users Immediately Began Searching for the.

Real character; however, it led to disappointment, since an investigation and interview by El Universal revealed that he does not exist. Study: Working from home can make us less creative. The scriptwriters José Luis Gutiérrez Arias and Flavia Atencio confirmed the Buy Malaysia Whatsapp Numbers creation and design of Cadet Tello. The last name comes from a friend and writer of his.  We knew that Luis Miguel was advised for La. Incondicional because he needed to do certain things. But we didn’t want to tie ourselves to references.

But Rather Look for an Endearing Character, Guy and With

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Convictions. There were doubts as to whether he should be there, but we defended permanence because we knew that he could connect because of what we knew about Luis Miguel. In other words, the writers did resort to storytelling designed to generate empathy with Mexicans, resorting in turn to emotional marketing, two powerful resources of marketing strategists, and which once again demonstrate their effectiveness.

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