These devices – today immersed in a Japan Email List system that overwhelms environmental resources, which leaves them out of date before their time – generate a significant amount of waste that is difficult to take care of correctly. At the same time, this increase in devices generates energy consumption not only in its production but also in its use, the environmental Japan Email List impact of which is not yet clearly visible. This model also implies a reduction in labor, by automated procedures, through robotics or the application of artificial intelligence, limiting the possibility of Japan Email List vrepairs. Let’s try to find strategies that modify this panorama.

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The reuse and recovery of Japan Email List echnologies has political, economic, social and also cultural aspects, rooted in individual and institutional behaviors that must be transformed. The incentive for reuse, repair and recycling policies, not only reduces the waste that is generated, but also generates sources of work in tasks for the extension Japan Email List of the useful life of the devices, their recycling or their correct final disposal, at the same time that retrieves devices for social actors with access difficulties. In Argentina, a specific law is pending to regulate the Japan Email List treatment of electronic waste that takes into account the reality and needs of the actors in the chain, their responsibilities and their vulnerabilities.


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A specific law would prioritize tasks and pour Japan Email List resources into their improvement. In this regard, the current Minister of the Environment declared: “paradigmatic changes occur when there is support from the population. Sometimes wanting to change something deeply rooted from the normative can be a problem. We must work hard to generate cultural modifications, awareness (…) so that the productive Japan Email List sector feels obliged to rethink its method. There is a global trend to better understand these issues, there are new debates, and when there is concern in society, change is inevitable. The main challenge is to sensitize the actors to become aware of their responsibility, considering the motivation of Japan Email List each sector to assume the costs of doing so.

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