Storing personal data and other e-mail data. That way you can get start safely. More info Was 2020 a lost year in marketing and communication? On the contrary. In many sectors the cut went on the stock exchange, but we also saw a shift from traditional advertising budgets to content marketing. In addition, the crisis accelerate a previously initiate evolution in many communication domains.

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You can expect these four trends in 2021. The insights in this trend article are the result of 10 interviews with people in the marketing and Portugal WhatsApp Number List communication profession from the Netherlands, Belgium and beyond. 1. The obsession with technology diminishes, creativity returns The wall that stood between advertising and content marketing for a long time is crumbling.

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While traditional advertising excell in creativity and knew better than anyone. How to generate eyeballs , content marketing swore (too) long by funnel thinking. Under the impulse of powerful martech vendors such as Hubspot, they built a marketing machine with gate content , nurturing and MQLs (Marketing Qualifi Leads). Whoever controls the funnel has a competitive advantage.

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