In her book The hybrid work. A manifesto (affiliate) makes Isabel De Clercq mincemeat of this point. She refers to what Boston Consulting Group Ukraine Phone Number List already wrote in October 2020: Paradoxically, the highly non-social nature of remote work […] has shown to what extent productivity, performance, and the work itself are relational.

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The result of behavioral interactions between distributed networks of people and groups. De Clercq: “You read that right. The glue between employees is the work itself. Simply: our activities, achievements, and results.” The New York Times also wrote very recently that there is no evidence that casual encounters — in the office or anywhere else — drive innovation.

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If the work itself isn’t a team-building exercise, you’re doing it wrong. Photo of a man at a coffee machine Teams is not enough for hybrid working is therefore not just a matter of choosing between working at the office or at home. It is also not just hybrid meetings and not even one policy for all employees of an organization.

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