The difference between a nice piece and a great blog article? Follow the Creative online writing training and discover the importance of audience first, how to convince with your story and what the benefit of deletion is. View the online training! Always use a moderator to remove possible trolls during the live session . This gives the young people who go live trust and support. Do not let the session last.

Arguing That You Appear Before

Make sure you have a good announcement in your timeline and story . Preferably a video in which the student introduces himself, with a question sticker and countdown. Also make sure you have a good Lithuania WhatsApp Number List announcement . For example, also in a story, containing a reference to IGTV and contact options. If you are going to do a series of live Q&As: ensure uniformity .

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Maximum of 1 per day to properly announce it. But above all: have faith in the young people and let them tell their own story . All 49 live sessions we did with students went well and were a joy to watch for us. Curious about the live sessions? You can view these in the IGTV feed of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. We are also very curious about the experiences of other schools and universities.

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