That your site and pages load quickly to prevent your bounce rate from increasing through no fault of your own. Again, VPN use is a catalyst to address this aspect of your site. Especially if you love the organic rankings of your pages. After all, Google has announced that page speed and user-friendliness will be central to the search algorithm from 2021.

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Google has announced that page speed and usability will be central to its search algorithm from 2021. The acidity of VPN use is therefore not so bad, but it does prompt you to take action. On the other hand, there is plenty of sweet. How can you reap Netherlands WhatsApp Number List the benefits of a VPN yourself and use it effectively as a digital marketer? Objective search engine research When you do SEO.

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You would do well to keep an eye on your rankings in the search engines. Of course there are tools that can do this for you, but it’s also important to take a look at the SERPs yourself every now and then . Problem: Because of your search history and location, you get very different results than your potential customer. With a VPN you transform yourself into an anonymous user without tracker and search history.

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