All this driven by the central role Laos Email Lists of State policies and the strengthening of the internal market. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, faced with assertive planning, the mass vaccination allowed to exceed 60% of the target population, the improvement of hospital infrastructure Laos Email Lists and medical safety, the provision of medicines, timely care and Social health campaigns have made it possible to significantly reduce disease levels, with positive effects on economic activities. Even so, the destabilizing conspiracy of the conservative civic, political and media opposition Laos Email Lists continues; having several important challenges to deepen the revolutionary process, with industrialization.

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The social redistribution of resources, and Laos Email Lists the acceleration of the participatory democracy of national-popular self-determination. But the disaster produced by the Coup d’état of November 2019 and the de Facto Government of Jeanine Áñez, supported by North American imperialism and the governments of Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil and Mauricio Macri of Argentina, which not only carried out the Laos Email Lists massacres of Senkata and Sacaba with more than forty dead, but they persecuted and detained social and political leaders, carried out acts of corruption with the fraudulent purchase of respirators and drugs and carried out neoliberal measures in favor of landowners, bankers Laos Email Lists and large merchants.


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All this panorama is revealed by the Laos Email Lists educator and sociologist Eduardo Paz Rada, who also points out that the same leaders who carried out the coup d’état (such as Carlos Mesa, Fernando Camacho or Jorge Quiroga, the opposition media such as UNITEL, Red UNO , CNN, El Deber or Página Siete or the hierarchy of Laos Email Lists Bishops of the Catholic Church) are once again developing a destabilization campaign led by the Civic Committee of Santa Cruz that represents the oligarchy of eastern Bolivia and receives the support of the conspiratorial Laos Email Lists structure headed by Sánchez Berzaín from Miami and the paramilitary groups of the Cochala Youth and the Cruceñista

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