Currently, Amazon is the largest e-commerce. Company in the world, since in the second. Quarter of 2017 it had sales of 38 billion dollars. 25 percent more than in 2016 , in addition. To the fact that it has the construction of a new. Headquarters of the company, in which. It would employ 50 thousand employees. Its CEO, Jeff Bezos, whose fortune exceeds 81 billion dollars , stands out for promoting innovation in the work culture, in addition to the fact that he often refers that “it is always the first day” among his employees, however, strict. The also owner of the Washington Post, published a letter in which he asked the workers of all its divisions and brands that “if they had complaints or observations, send them to them” , and that it would not cost them the position or reprimands. Bezos usually asks three questions to job candidates in one of his companies. Do you admire this person?


It Is One of the Questions That Bezos Personally Asks His

Candidates for positions of trust, in which he seeks to know the references that each candidate has and to Buy Honduras Whatsapp Numbers know “first-hand” what type of work culture the professional has. Will this person increase the average level of effectiveness of the group you are building? Apparently, Bezos himself usually asks these kinds of questions to those responsible for the Human Resources area, since the question is because the HR area has the slogan “continually raising the level”, and the answers are to visualize the company in the short term. term.

What Are Your Chances of Getting Very High?

Bezos indirectly seeks out high-profile, aspiring employees with unique skills, interests, and perspectives that enrich the work environment. As if he were looking for a “super star”, he assures himself. So it is common for champions in chess. Sports or some mathematical activity. At a global level to work among the ranks of Amazon. Just because he considers that “such a work environment is fun.”

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