After the political scandal where it was proven that Russia interfered in the presidential elections of the United States to actively promote the vote in favor of the now president, Donald Trump, through Facebook, Google, Twitter , among others, the companies have begun to take actions that they bet for a greater regulation of the announcements of political nature. After the announcements made by Facebook regarding this issue, it was Google’s turn , who said it will make it easier for its users to see who is the buyer of electoral ads that appear in the search engine, as well as YouTube and Red .

It Will Also Place An Icon Over Each Election Ad That

Runs on social networks. And it is that clicking on the icon will show the name of the advertiser who pays and publishes the ad, but specifically the nigerian email database changes are the following: One. Google will release a transparency report for election ads in 2018, which will provide data on who pays for ads and how much money it spends. The results will end up in a transparency report that will be public.

Two. You’ll Add An Icon Above Each Political Or Election Ad

That shows who bought it. Three. It will improve the political advertising model. According to the company, it will only allow US citizens. To buy ads for US elections, and vice versa in the case of other countries. Since it will now ask to verify the identity of anyone. Who wants to publish a election ad or use its tools. Based on political interests and you confirm. That person can publish that ad.

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